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Olabamidele Olumide Bewaji, the main employee of the house, was seen allegedly fondling the octogenarian, before undressing her and se**xually assaulting the woman while she lay in her bed. The woman’s son witnessed the attack through a surveillance camera that he had installed in her mother’s room so that he could monitor her while she was at home.

Bewaji then got into bed with the woman and se**xually assaulted her a second time. The surveillance camera also had a loudspeaker that allowed the son to transmit her voice to her mother’s room. She told investigators that she used the loudspeaker to demand that Bewaji stop. The caretaker finally stopped, but the son noticed that she did it slowly. The police arrived at the scene and found the old woman partially clothed and unable to understand what had happened to her.

Pillars of Mankato Senior Living is an assisted living facility in Minnesota. It has received 29 5-star reviews on Google.

Olabamidele Olumide Bewaji Age

Olabamidele Olumide Bewaji is 52 years old.

Charged – Arrested

A Minnesota nursing home worker was caught sexually assaulting an 83-year-old woman, who has Alzheimer’s disease, when her son checked into her via webcam Monday night, according to reports.

The son said he watched in horror through a surveillance camera as Olabamidele Olumide Bewaji, 52, fondled and undressed his mother before sexually assaulting her twice in her room at the Pillars of Mankato Senior Living home, Mankato Free Press cited a lawsuit as said. Bewaji was charged with serious sexual assault and is being held in jail before his next court appearance.

Bewaji initially denied the charges against her, but later admitted to se**xual abuse after learning that investigators would carry out a search warrant, Southern Minnesota News reported. She later admitted to her se**xual contact with the old woman, but claimed that she only did so after the octogenarian initiated her se**xual acts. She later allegedly admitted to another se**xual encounter with the woman in February, despite knowing that she was a vulnerable adult.