Nursery Weather Mobile – Free sewing patterns


Felt, mixed coloursRibbon, 5mm wideThread, embroideryCraft hoopStuffing

Sew a weather mobile

Download the templates and cut out all of the pieces from felt.

For the sun, take the felt pieces and place the middle circle on either side of the rays. Work a running stitch through all three layers. Before you get to the end, lightly stuff and continue sewing to close the gap.

For the kite, place the two pieces together and sew running stitch in a horizontal and vertical line through the middle of the kite. Then stitch around the outside edge filling the four gaps with stuffing.

For the other pieces, put two shapes together, stitch around the outside edge and fill with stuffing.

Cover a craft hoop with ribbon, wrapping it around making sure it is tight and won’t slip. You can secure the end by overlapping the ribbon and carefully stitching through a few layers. Alternatively, carefully use superglue or a glue gun.

To hang the decorations, thread a needle with a long piece of embroidery thread and feed the needle through the centre of the shapes in between the two felt layers. Secure each shape by making a small stitch at the bottom, then continuing to mthread the next hanging piece. Secure the top end of the thread to the hoop.

Take three pieces of embroidery thread and tie them to the top of the hoop at equal intervals. Join and tie these together and attach a small hook or hoop for easy hanging.