Niamh Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Stretch knit fabric, 1.5m (150cm)Elastic, 2.5cm wideFusible stretch interfacing



Cutting guide

Front skirt: cut one on the foldBack skirt: cut one on the foldPocket bag: cut one pairBack pocket bag: cut one pairFront waistband: cut one in fabric and one in fusible stretch interfacingBack waistband: cut one1.5cm seam allowance used throughout, unless otherwise stated.

Download the pattern from, then print out and follow the cutting guide. Fuse a strip of interfacing to the wrong side of the slanted edges on the front skirt and the slanted pocket bag edges. Position the pocket bags along the slanted edges of the front skirt, right sides facing. Match, pin and stitch across. Turn the pocket bags to the wrong side of the skirt, tease out the seam, then press flat.

Position the back pocket bag pieces behind the pocket bags, matching the curves and making sure that the side edges are running smoothly along the side seams, below the edge of the pocket. Pin and stitch from the top waistline, around the pocket bag to the side seams, then neaten the edges. Press flat and sew the pocket layers to the skirt at the side edge and waistline; ensure the stitching lines are hidden within the seam allowance to secure the layers together.

Lay the front skirt over the back skirt, right sides facing. Match the side seams and stitch together. Neaten all of the seam allowances together and press towards the back of the skirt. Cut a length of elastic that will fit slightly stretched, but comfortably, across the back of your waistline. Stitch the two ends of the elastic to the two ends of the back waistband, just below the fold line marked on the back waistband piece.

Fuse interfacing to the front waistband, then match, pin and stitch the two ends to the two ends of the back waistband, sandwiching the ends of the elastic inside the seam. Fold the waistband in half, over the elastic, matching the raw edges together. Stitch through the waistband, just below the elastic and across the front waistband. Sew the back in sections and move the waistband along the elastic as it gathers.

Match the top of each side seam to the seams in the waistband, making sure the elasticated part is attaching to the back skirt. Secure in place. As before, the back will need to be done in sections as the elastic is smaller than the waistband. Neaten the seam allowances together, fold the waistband up and the seam allowance down into the skirt. Neaten around the base of the skirt, turn up the neatened edge and machine stitch a narrow hem in place. Press the hem flat to finish.