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Neal Caffrey Style and White Collar

Neal Caffrey Style and White Collar

Neal Caffrey style in the mega hit “White Collar” is reminiscent of the style of the “Rat Pack.” A style that is almost always topped of with a fedora. One can hardly think of Humphrey Bogart or Frank Sinatra without thinking of the signature fedora. Now added to that list is Matt Boomer as his character “Neal Caffrey” on the hit series White Collar.

Neal Caffrey style is not just a great hat, expensive st louis cardinals zip up hoodie , and a “to die for suit.” It is also a mindset and a n attitude of confidence. The aire of confidence exuded from the character of Neal Caffrey allows him to be loved by almost everyone as the handsome thief who charms all the ladies.

To emulate Caffrey’s style you will have to spend a few bucks. You will also need to do your homework on designers like Hugo Boss, Prada, John Varvatos, Paul Smith and Calvin Klein, just to name a few. Putting together such a classic style does not come without some work and some of that pocket change.

Both Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss carry a line of the trousers, underwear, as well as t-shirts and dress shirts just to give you an idea. A basic Hugo Boss suit could run you around $1000.00, so you can see how this style can cost a few bucks. Paul Smith has a collection of the slim dress shirts and you will find that the accessories can be found by designers John Varvatos and Prada.

The style of clothes worn on “White Collar” is an eclectic mix of vintage accessories and some the latest fashions from top designers. With the popularity of the show “White Collar”, it is easy to see why this style has made a comeback. But if you really want to pull off a Neal Caffrey style, you have to have a Fedora and learn the signature hat trick.

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