Nautical Beach Bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: ticking, navy, 50cm; canvas: white, 50cm; red, 25cm Wadding, fusible, 50cm Thin plastic Toggle, woodenRope: thin; thick, 1m of each

Dimensions List

45cm square

Create a nautical beach bag

Download the templates and print out. Cut a 47cm square for the back and three 12cm x 47cm rectangles for the base and sides from ticking, ensuring that the stripes on the back and base run horizontally and on the sides vertically. Repeat with canvas lining and wadding.

Iron wadding to the lining pieces. Lay the triangular front template horizontally along a line of ticking and cut it out. Then flip it over and cut another. Using the pennant templates, cut out two white and three red pieces from canvas. With right sides together, pin the canvas pieces to create a red and white striped pennant, sew with a 1cm seam allowance.

With right sides together, stitch the bottom of the pennant to the lower front piece of the bag, starting 1cm from the left edge so you can pull the cord through. Do the same with the top of the pennant and the top front of the bag. Now sew the bottom, sides and back to the front, with a 1cm seam allowance. Fold thin cord in half and slip a toggle into the loop. Feed the cord ends through the gap of the pennant. Stitch the openings closed, catching the cords in the stitches as you do so. Knot the ends of the cord with oysterman’s knots, tucking the ends inside and adding a dab of glue to secure.

Cut two 16cm x 27cm internal pockets from ticking. With right sides facing, sew around the pocket leaving a small gap for turning. Turn out and fold under the edges of the opening and pin. Topstitch along the whole side and sew the opening closed. Press and pin the pocket to the front of one of the lining pieces of canvas, with the topstitched edge at the top. Sew the pocket to the bag lining by topstitching around the three remaining sides. To create a more secure pocket for a mobile phone, stitch a line 8cm from the edge. Now sew the lining pieces with the attached wadding together as for the ticking.

Cut two 12cm x 74cm handles from ticking. Cut 3cm x 74cm from wadding. Lay the wadding on the wrong side of the ticking, along one edge. Fold the two sides of the ticking into the middle, then fold again to create a 3cm wide handle. Pin and topstitch down the length of the handle. Repeat to make a second one.

Cut thin plastic to the same size as the bag base. Encase it in wadding and stitch to the wadding on the base lining. Place the bag into the lining so that right sides are facing, and the internal pocket is on the opposite side to the pennant.

Ensuring that they are not twisted, place the handles inside, aligning the tops of the handles to the top edges of the bag. The handles should be 13cm from the edges of the bag. Sew around the top, 1.5cm from the edge, leaving a 10cm gap. Turn the bag right side out by pulling through the opening. Stuff the lining into the bag, then press and topstitch all the way around the top.