Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
My Man Says, I'm Not Sexy Enough!

My Man Says, I'm Not Sexy Enough!

It is common knowledge amongst many men that when a superstar or celebrity takes their clothes off and poses nude in playboy, many of these men are interested in seeing the pictures. It is also common knowledge that not every man in the world buys Playboy magazine but many still see the magazine through a friend, relative or even a tamed down photo snippet in a national newspaper. There can be many positive things said about the Playboy girls and the Playboy empire but it isn’t just Playboy that gives these men this thrill. There are many other magazines too such as FHM and Maxim, they don’t show as much flesh but they are still classed as sexy men’s mags.

If the man in your life says you are not sexy enough, the first place you should be looking is in your man’s special man mag, look at the girls in there and see how they hold themselves and what they are wearing. Are they pouting their lips? Are their legs apart or together? Are they perspiring or sprinkled with water droplets? Are they standing with their heads held high in a sexy pose that shows their command like an Amazonian warrior? Whatever it is pay close attention to them and the way month on month the poses remain very similar, the girls sometimes change but there is almost always one common denominator and this common denominator, what is it?

The common denominator is that to be hot and sexy, Yes, you need to have a slim tight body (but not always curvy is acceptable nowadays) and yes, you need to know how to hold yourself in a pose but the one common thing in all of these pictures is the lingerie or sexy outfits. The outfits make the woman. If the women in these magazines were always naked, sure, your man may get a thrill out of it but most are looking at the mystique as well. Many men don’t necessarily want to see all 5 feet 11 inches of fleshy loveliness. Some actually want to see the woman with some sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ draped over her in the flavour of a babydoll, an uplifting corset, some tight fitting boy shorts or hot pants or pvc lingerie. Hot sexy lingerie is the key to their sexy successful pose. If you are a six foot tall beautiful blonde then this will obviously help in the sexiness stakes. However, the housewife, the girlfriend, the mistress who wants to stay sexy needs to check out her lingerie drawer and with this lingerie drawer stuffed full with all sorts of sexy lingerie she will never be short of an item that could resemble the FHM, Maxim and even the Playboy sexiness captured on film. If you stock up on your lingerie items (and keep them stocked up with fresh and new designs) there will never be another time your man can say you’re not sexy enough.

write by Michael

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