Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

My Husband is Having an Affair With His Secretary - Warning Signs to Watch Out For

“I think my husband is having an affair with his secretary.” You heard rumors spreading that your husband is having an affair with his secretary and it seems that warning signs are showing out that his affair may be true. You have tried to ignore the rumors, but you cannot help to think about him sleeping with another woman on the bed. Here are the warning signs to watch out for if he is really cheating on you.

– Spending more time at work

One of the common excuses is that he put more time into his work than usual and has been coming home late.

– Perfume or change in another attire

Most of the women at work will put on perfume. You always smell feminine perfume on his clothes or if he is trying to conceal his affair, he may change into another detroit tigers hawaiian shirt or you will suddenly realize his cologne scent is even stronger than when he is out for work, this is actually to mask the scent of the perfume stained on his clothes.

– Call logs, emails and phone messages deleted

Some people do not have the habit of deleting messages after reading. If your husband suddenly has the habit of deleting messages, emails or call logs. It may mean that he is trying to prevent you from finding out some proof that he is having an affair.

– Chatting secretly on the internet or phone

He suddenly leaves the room or go to one corner when his cell phone rings. He always put down the phone immediately whenever you are near him. If he is reacting very uncomfortably when you do that, this is one of the warning signs to watch out his changing behavior.

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