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Michael Paul Busico was booked into the Tooele County Jail Tuesday on charges of torture of a pet, breaking and entering, robbery and arson, according to online jail records.

It is unclear if Busico has obtained an attorney who can speak on his behalf. In an update released Tuesday, Salt Lake County Animal Services said the dog, who remains in critical condition, has been reunited with her owner.

“The outcome of the dog remains uncertain at this time,” animal service officials said in a statement. “He is currently taking fluids and pain relievers.”

Michael Paul Busico Age

Michael Paul Busico was 40 years old.

Victim’s Dog

“The victims advised (police) they saw their dog on the news and recognized her from the pictures. The victims also advised they recognized the description that was given out on the news” as matching Busico and what he was wearing that day, as well as his truck, according to the affidavit.

Charge – Arrested

The Salt Lake County Department of Animal Services reported Monday that an injured dog, believed to be a red tick, was found on North Side Street near 9400 West by animal control officers with the help of the police. Brush also caught fire due to the incident.

The animal had second-degree burns to its face and “other burns to its fur,” according to a statement from Salt Lake County Animal Services. They took her to the emergency room of a local veterinary clinic.

Animal Services spokeswoman Callista Pearson gave an update on the dog Tuesday, saying he was stable but still in critical condition with second and third-degree burns mainly to the head and neck and inside the mouth, as well as burns to the pelvis and rear. legs.

The researchers believe that an accelerant may also have been used to fuel the fire. The dog is currently receiving a lot of fluids and pain relievers, Pearson said. The incident began on Monday when a dog was reported stolen in Tooele. One woman believed Busico “had stolen the dog in retaliation for her failed relationship,” according to a police affidavit.

Just after 6 p.m., police responded to a report of a burning dog on the side street near 9500 West. Another person walking her dog near the Great Saltair witnessed a man set a dog on fire, Pearson said. Witnesses were in the process of calling the police when the man allegedly returned and looked at that person in an apparent effort to intimidate the witness, she said.

After the man left, the woman finished calling the police. But by that time, the witness had lost sight of the dog and it took police, firefighters, and animal service teams between two and three hours to find her.

Investigation Report

The witness told investigators that a white male with a shaved head, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a fluorescent green shirt with an orange stripe, was a possible suspect. The man was driving a Toyota Tacoma and they provided a partial license plate number.

“Through investigation, it was found that (Busico) was in a dispute with the victim’s mother for more than $ 1,200 and a past relationship that he had ended,” the affidavit reads. “Mr. Busico specifically targeted the dog of his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.

“From my training and experience, I believe that Mr. Busico was targeting the victim’s animal to intimidate her and directly threaten her and her ex-girlfriend,” an officer wrote in the report.

When Unified Police found Busico at a relative’s home, he tried to run as officers approached, but was caught about 100 meters later, according to the affidavit. He was arrested and transported to the Tooele County Jail. The dog was being treated Tuesday at Advanced Veterinary Care in Millcreek. Anyone wishing to make a donation to help pay for the dog’s medical expenses should contact the veterinary clinic.