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Mexican Blankets

Mexican Blankets

What are Mexican blankets?
Mexican blankets have been around for more than two thousand years. Some other names for these blankets include serapes, Falsa blankets and Saltillos. They have come a long way from little fabrics with simple lines to beautiful, unique coverings that may cost a few hundred dollars. At first, people made them with Churro sheep wool and yarn. Much appreciated for their durability and vivid colors and designs, these are now a symbol of Mexican culture.

Mexican Blankets are Superb garments
Standard serapes are made in various sizes, corresponding to both queen-sized beds and a simple coffee table. They are usually long and narrow, which makes them perfect as a table runner, while smaller pieces are suitable for use as place mats. You can also hang them on walls, to add more color and shine to the room.

Mexican Blankets Make Wonderful Gifts
They usually come in multiple bright colors with blue, pink, turquoise, yellow, red and orange. There is always one dominant color that appears several times throughout the detroit tigers viking hoodie in larger stripes. Because of their unique beauty, they make wonderful decorative gifts. In its own way, every serape detroit tigers viking hoodie tells a story.

More Creative Ways to use Mexican blankets
Today, these blankets can be used in many different ways, although at first they were simple fabrics that covered the ground. Eventually, people cut a hole in the center of serape blankets and this is how the Mexican poncho was born.

The options are limitless and you can use them anyway you want. Just throw a detroit tigers viking hoodie over your shoulders, get a sombrero and you’re ready for your Mexican themed party. In fact, the popular Cinco de Mayo Mexican fiesta made the serapes even more popular, as they were used as tablecloth, centerpiece or table runner.

People also use them as couch covers, bedspread and even use them as curtains all over the house. Some more eccentric people use these blankets as upholstery for their vintage cars. They can also be used as picnic table cloths or Yoga blankets or anything similar. Other people take their serapes with them when they go for an afternoon nap in their hammock.

Also, serapes are popular gifts among college students who are going away from home to remind them of their family or keep them warm.

Mexican blankets also make great gifts for loved ones as housewarming gifts, holidays and birthdays and for just about any occasion. Because they are very resistant, they can be easily tossed into the washing machine and cleaned easily.

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