Lunchtime Make: Stashbusting Lavender Bags – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: floral, 5cm x 10cm; plain, 6cm x 10cm; 10cm square, Thread: stranded embroidery, two colours; sewing, matching, Pinking shears Dried lavender,Pen, air erasable

Make a Lavender Bag

With right sides facing, pin 5cm x 10cm of floral, and 6cm x 10cm of plain fabric together at the long edge. Machine stitch using a 6mm seam allowance, then press the seam towards the floral print.

Write ‘smile’ (or your own message) across the plain fabric using an air erasable pen. Back stitch over the line using two strands of embroidery thread and add contrasting French knots for the dot on the ‘i’.

Pin the completed front to a 10cm square of plain fabric with right sides facing. Machine stitch using a 1cm seam allowance. Leave a 7cm gap along the top edge for filling and turn out. Mark the rest of the line by drawing in the seam allowance with an air erasable pen. Trim with pinking shears. Fill with lavender, then pin the gap. Machine stitch along the drawn line.