Lunchtime Make: Plaited Necklace – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, 4cm x 1m, three prints; 10cm square, three prints Buttons: large; medium; small, Thread: sewing, matching, Pinking shears

Make plaited necklace.

Tear three 4cm wide strips of fabric and clip them together at one end. Fix to something solid and plait the fabric lengths together, folding the strands so that the right side is facing outwards. Stitch the six ends together, either by hand or machine. Once you have finished, carefully trim the ends.

To make the flowers, download the petal template. Fold each fabric square in half three times and pin a petal motif to the point. Cut along the curved edge using pinking shears. Remove the template and trim along the creases, within 1cm of the centre point.

Layer the three fabric flowers together with the right sides facing upwards. Fold three times and stitch through the point to hold together. Unfold, then sew three buttons to the centre, placing them from large to small. Stitch the finished flower across the ends of the plait.