Lunchtime Make: Felt Needlebook – Free sewing patterns


Felt: turquoise; pink; green; beige Fabric marker pen. Thread, embroidery: pink; green Buttons, assorted

Make a needlebook

Cut 11cm x 18cm from turquoise felt to create a cover. Trim a 10cm x 16cm pink rectangle and another 9cm x 14cm in green for the pages. Download the templates, print and cut out. Trace a cotton reel, pin it to beige felt and cut out. Using a fabric marker, draw a cotton swirl and lettering onto the right half of the cover.

Pin the cotton reel to the top right corner, or use glue to hold it in place. Secure with small straight stitches, using a single strand of beige thread. Using four strands of green thread, back stitch along the swirling line and work 10 long stitches across the reel. Embroider lettering in four strands of pink thread, in whipped back stitch. Sew buttons in place.

Iron each rectangle in half, using a cloth to protect the surface. Stack green and pink pages centrally on the wrong side of the cover and pin together. Join the pages by sewing a line of back stitch along the centre crease, using four strands of green thread.