Lightweight Pullover – Free sewing patterns


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Quilted jersey, 1.5m (1.5m wide)Fusible interfacing

Dimensions List

Front: cut one on the foldBack: cut one on the foldPocket: cut one on the foldNeckband: cut one 6cm x 62cm stripSleeve: cut one pairSleeve cuff: cut two 14cm x 25cm strips Hem cuff: cut one 14cm x 1m strip1.5cm seam allowance used unless otherwise stated.


Cut out all the pieces as indicated in the cutting guide, then iron interfacing strips to the angled sides of the pocket piece. Neaten all pocket edges, then fold the slanted sides by 1cm over to the wrong side and topstitch in place.


Position the pocket centrally on the front piece, matching the bottom edges, then fold the top over by 1cm and stitch. Match the front and back shoulder seams, right sides together, then pin and stitch. Neaten the seam allowances together.


Fold the neckband in half, right sides together, stitch the short ends together with a 1cm seam allowance, then press the seams open. Fold the neckband in half lengthways, wrong sides together, then press.


Match the raw neckband edges to those of the neckline, then pin and sew in place on the right side, beginning at the centre-back and stretching the neckband to fit as you sew. Neaten all the seam allowances together, then press the seam downwards.


Lay a sleeve piece on top of the main body, right sides together, matching the centre of the sleeve head to the shoulder seam. Pin, then sew in place. Pin the underarm and side seams, right sides together, then stitch in one continuous line from the sleeve cuff to the base hem. Neaten all of the seam allowances.


Prepare the sleeve and hem cuffs as for the neckband. Pin a cuff to a sleeve, matching the join with the underarm sleeve, then stitch, stretching the cuff to fit. Repeat for the second sleeve, then the hem cuff, matching the join to a side seam and sandwiching the base of the pocket between the front and cuff. Neaten all seam allowances.