Liberty scarf – Free sewing patterns


Cotton lawn fabric, poppy print, 87cm x 1m, contrasting print, 24cm x 98cmCoordinating sewing threadAir-erasable pen

Dimensions List

25cm x 173cm

Stitch a scarf

1 Cut two 50cm x 87cm pieces from poppy print cotton lawn. Fold one in half lengthways and use a disappearing fabric pen to draw an outward curved line from the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner. Cut along the line. Repeat for the second piece.

2 Open out the folded pieces and with right sides facing, pin and stitch the short straight edges together. Press the seam open and fold the scarf back in half lengthways with the wrong sides together. Press again.

3 Cut two 6cm x 87cm pieces from contrasting fabric. Pin two short edges right sides together and stitch. Press the seam open. Turn both long edges in by 5mm and press, then fold the whole strip in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Press again.

4 Pin the strip along the bottom edge of the scarf to overlap on both sides, matching the central seam and making sure the fold sits into the crease. Sew along the whole length, 3mm from the edge, checking that you have sewn through both sides of the binding. Trim the corners of the edging strip where they overlap the scarf.

5 Cut two 6cm x 98cm strips from contrasting fabric and bind the curved edge as previously described. Pin, making sure the edges sit into the crease. When you reach the corners, trim the ends of the binding so you have two triangular shapes overlapping the bottom edge of the main scarf.

6 Turn the top triangle under and around the bottom edge, tucking it in at the back, then turn the back triangle under itself. Machine stitch 3mm from the edge all the way round. Oversew the gaps in the hems at the corners and press.