Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
Let Mom Stand Out on Your Special Day With These Fantastic Dresses

Let Mom Stand Out on Your Special Day With These Fantastic Dresses

Many factors should be thought of when picking out the dress for the mother of the bride, as well as the dress for the mother of the groom. Classic and elegant, yet striking should be three words that come to mind when picking out the special dress.

Some mothers of the bride are nervous about wearing a sophisticated or extravagant dress, as they do not want to outshine their daughter – the bride. Not every dress has to be over the top – or even worse, matronly! Wearing a dress that has a nice flair to it will draw anyone’s attention, but will not take away from the celebration.

Short Sleeve Portrait Collar Dress

Available in a blue or light green, this dress would look great with any skin tone, and with any size or height. With a deep, sophisticated V-neck, this dress reaches right above the knee and is tied together at the waist by an elegant bow. The dress can be dressed up with a bracelet, necklace and a nice pair of fancy high heels, if desired. It could also be matched with a shawl or small jacket, for when the weather gets cooler at night.

Lace and Charmeuse Bolero Jacket Dress

Floor length and very elegant, this lace and charmeuse dress comes in a smooth color of gold and accentuates the waist with a section of gold, pleated material. The top of the dress is made up of matching beading that adds a little spice to the formal dress. While this dress is made with spaghetti straps, a matching beaded bolero short viking zip up hoodie is available with the dress for the cooler evenings.

Satin Twill Bolero and Mock Two-Piece Dress with Beaded Detail

Sophisticated is what comes to mind when you view this dress. With a steep V-neck and exquisite beading, this dress is elegant on its own without the need for exotic accessories. As this dress comes with spaghetti straps, it is also paired with a three quarter length viking zip up hoodie that reaches down to the waist. The beading that trims the viking zip up hoodie also matches the beading that outlines the top of the dress itself. This look is perfect for formal outdoor weddings, as the viking zip up hoodie allows for any temperatures differences to be accommodated.

Shantung Short Bolero Jacket Dress

The Shantung dress will wow everyone, with its vibrant shade of eggplant or silver. The skirt shows a few pleats in the front that make the dress very stylish, and its straps are modestly wide. This dress would look great either dressed up or down for any woman, of any age.

Taffeta Mock Two-Piece

Available in a smooth silver or a gorgeous shade of sapphire, this dress will turn the heads of your family and friends. The three quarter length sleeves add to the modest elegance of the dress, complete with a portrait collar that tops off the look. This traditional style mother of the bride gown is elegant and age appropriate.

Long Iridescent Taffeta Mock Two-piece Dress

Every little detail on this dress makes it flattering and exquisite. The crisp fabric adds to the appeal, with the pleated up waist and floor length skirt. With its subtle mink color, it can be dressed up easily with pieces of jewelry or a beaded clutch.

Three Piece Jersey Pant Suit

This suit has a tunic top, which is accentuated with beading along the neckline and a wider beading along the cinched waist. The egypt t shirt has wider straps, and can easily be covered with the matching long sleeve jacket.

The pants are made of the same material as the egypt t shirt and jacket, and reach to right below the ankle, making it easy to pair with a some high heels. This outfit is the perfect pick for any party occasion, and can be separated to be worn over and over again. Be careful, though – some brides still follow the superstition of black being a taboo color.

One-Shoulder Taffeta Ballgown with Side Drape

This gorgeous dress is available in a rich plum color, and starts from the one strap over shoulder, and reaches straight to the floor. The top is fitted, with the one wide strap over the shoulder, and the skirt billows out to the floor. The Taffeta Ball gown is perfect for any body shape and height and has an elegant cinch at the waist that accentuates any body type. This fashionable look is perfect for a formal and elegant indoor occasion.

These days, mothers of the bride can look just as stunning as the bride without being distracted. On your special day, allow your mother to be radiant as she celebrates watching her daughter venture into a new journey of her life. Remember – one day you’ll be doing the same!

write by Jon Brecht