Leopard Print Silk Headband – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, silk, leopard printElastic, 1cm wide

Dimensions List

Custom sized

Stitch a headband

Cut two 13cm x 48cm rectangles from printed fabric. Fold one in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew the longest edge. Repeat with the other rectangle and turn both out.

Trim 11.5cm of elastic, then cut 5cm x 23cm of fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthways, right sides together, and stitch the longest side. Turn out, then feed the elastic through the tube. Sew down each end of elastic, 1.5cm from the edge, making sure to create a ruched effect. Fold down the excess fabric on one end by 5mm to create a seam, then repeat on the other side.

Take the two long pieces of fabric and lay one horizontally with the seam in the middle facing up. Place the other one vertically across with the seam facing down, to make a cross. Bring the two ends of the horizontal piece together and lift, then bring the ends of the vertical piece together to form a looped effect. Pin the ends together.

Place one side of the elastic piece to one of the pinned edges, making sure you fold the fabric to the same size, and sew together so that the raw edges are on the inside. Repeat on the other side. Trim any excess fabric and sew across to neaten and strengthen.