Legal dispute over James Brown's fortune

One of James Brown’s former producers is taking legal action to stop the late singer’s children and his ex-wife from receiving a larger cut of the soul man’s $100 million fortune – against his last wishes.

The Godfather of Soul, who died in 2006, dictated in his will that his assets should be divided up between two trust funds – one for the education of his grandchildren and the other for the education of needy children.

In 2009, a South Carolina judge approved a settlement that gave nearly half of Brown’s wealth to his charitable trust, another quarter to his wife Tomi Rae Hynie Brown and their young son and the remainder to his adult offspring.

However, former producer Jacque Hollander is planning to challenge the decision – and stop Brown’s children from inheriting a bigger settlement, which includes royalties and marketing rights, reports the New York Post.

Hollander insists the Godfather of Soul would have wanted the majority of his fortune to be dedicated to charity.