Laundry Set – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: cotton, floral print, 75cm; stripe print,50cm plus scraps of each; blossom print,20cm; ticking, white, 23cm x 31cmThread, embroidery; reds; pinks; blues; coral;yellow; goldCanvas, framed, 25cm x 35cmWadding, medium weight, 100cmFusible webbingFabric pen, air-erasableDrawing pins, white, 18Child`s coat hanger, wooden, 30cm

Dimensions List

Sign: 26cm x 36cmPeg bag: 36cm x 45cm

Create a laundry room sign

Cut out two 10cm x 40cm and two 10cm x 50cm strips of floral print fabric to frame the embroidery.Trim 23cm x 31cm of white ticking. Download the templates and print. Iron fusible webbing to the back of small pieces of stripe and floral fabric and use the templates to cut out the kimono pieces.

Use an air-erasable pen to trace the text, flowers and washing line onto the ticking. Select three strands of embroidery thread, each a different shade of blue, then stem stitch ‘Laundry Room’, and the clothesline. Using two strands of red and one pink, stem stitch ‘Help Wanted’. Embroider the centres of the flowers in red and stem stitch the petals using pink and coral. Stem stitch the sun in yellow and gold.

Place the kimono pieces on the clothesline and iron to fix. Blanket, or machine sew using buttonhole stitch all around the kimonos. Use red thread down the front edges to highlight the cross over style.

With right sides facing, leaving 1cm unattached at each end, sew the strips of floral fabric to the sides of the ticking with a 1cm seam allowance. Turn to the right side and position so the top and bottom strips lay over the side ones. Iron, and sew using buttonhole stitch.

Cut wadding the same size as the sign but with 5cm square notches cut out of each corner. Place over a canvas then layer the sign on top. Fold under the edges and with drawing pins, attach to the back of the frame along each side. Fold the corners of the fabric, like wrapping a present, and pin to cover the wadding.

Sew a peg bag

Using the templates, cut a back and whole front piece of wadding, three pieces of stripe fabric for the lining and the back of the bag, and pieces of blossom and floral print for the front. Cut a 5cm x 50cm strip of floral pattern for the bow. For the neckline trim, cut 5cm x 15cm of floral and 5cm x 30cm of blossom fabric.

With right sides together, sew the two front lining pieces together at the neck edges. Iron the strips of fabric to trim the neckline, then fold the fabric in half lengthways wrong sides facing, then place the edges into the centre and press again. Repeat to make the bow, but sew along one long side, close to the edge. Fold the short ends under and stitch down.

Pin the prepared binding trim over the edges of both necklines on the two front pieces of fabric. Topstitch in place. Arrange the larger floral front piece over the smaller blossom print. Sew together, attaching the trim to the long neckline edge, and all the way to the top.

With right sides facing and wadding on the outside, sew the front to the back with a 1cm seam allowance, from the inside of one neckline all the way around the outside to the opposite edge. Trim the edges and corners, turn right side out and push into shape. Repeat for the lining.

Put the peg bag inside the lining bag, right sides together. Pin the back of the neck from the edge of the opening to the opposite side, marking the centre of the back. Leaving a 5cm gap to insert the coat hanger hook, stitch the lining to the back of the neck. Fold the interior into the peg bag, and insert a coat hanger. Turn under the front opening edges of the lining, and slip stitch to the back of the trim. Make a bow with the floral printed strip and stitch in place on the left side.