Lace Inserts – Free sewing patterns


Vest top or Simplicity’s shirt pattern 1422Lace material Matching thread

Upcycle an old vest with a pretty lace insert

Mark a straight line down the centre on the back of the vest, then cut. Trim a large triangle of lace, making sure the two long edges measure the same size as the cut in the vest. Stitch a length of edging lace across the base of the triangle piece.

Position the lace triangle on the right side of the vest. Pin to the cut edge, then stitch to the vest from the base to the top. Repeat the process on the other side, starting at the top point and sewing down to the base.

Fold and press the seam allowance of the lace insert towards the side seams from the right side of the vest. Finally, sew a ribbon bow to the top of the triangle and slip stitch the seam allowance at the base of the hem to stop it from unrolling.