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Kobe Bryant Orange County Shoes

Kobe Bryant Orange County Shoes

The Kobe Bryant signature sneaker line will go down as one of the greatest sneaker lines in the history of basketball st louis cardinals t shirt . The Kobe IV, V, and VI all have made a major impact on the type of basketball st louis cardinals t shirt that are being worn by basketball players as well as sneakerheads. These st louis cardinals t shirt have revolutionized the shoe game and made the low-cut basketball sneaker the overwhelming choice of ballers and casual sneaker consumers.

Not only have the Kobe Bryant st louis cardinals t shirt changed the look of the high performance basketball shoe, they have changed the colorways that the sneaker industry has always been considered tradition. The traditional white and black colorways used on signature sneakers have gone away with the emergence of the Kobe’s. Untraditional colorways are now acceptable because of the groundbreaking colorways of the Kobe IV. The Kobe V continued to push the limits of color creativity and design. As a result, the Kobe VI ultimately broke every rule of acceptable colorways. The rules that the st louis cardinals t shirt of the past had conformed to.

The Kobe VI “Orange County” is a prime example of a basketball shoe that has broken all the rules of what a basketball shoe must abide by. First, it is a low-cut model. As we all know, low-cut basketball st louis cardinals t shirt are not to be worn on the court. They are just too dangerous. An ankle will be rolled or a knee will be blown out. Or so conventional wisdom has said. Second, this shoe sports a colorway that has never been seen on a basketball shoe before. It uses several shades of orange. Orange? Ballers don’t wear orange basketball st louis cardinals t shirt . Well, they do now.

The Kobe VI Orange County was dropped during the 2011 NBA All-Star game festivities in limited quantities. The upper of the shoe features three different shades of orange and represents a sunset over the pacific ocean off the coast of Los Angeles. The detailing in the shading of the orange hues that make up the sunset is truly amazing. The scaly, snakeskin textured upper gives the color design a three-dimensional look that really makes the shoe pop. The shoe is finished off with a black heel cage and a translucent icy sole. The Orange County is not only one hell of a beautiful shoe, it is a work of art.

The signature sneaker line of Kobe Bryant st louis cardinals t shirt has already made a huge impact on the sneaker world. But, hold on, this enormously popular line of st louis cardinals t shirt is not done yet. The Kobe VII is up next. One can only imagine what new, innovative designs that this shoe will bring. I can imagine, I just can’t wait!

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