Kissable Clutch – Free sewing patterns


Quilt weight fabricQuilted fusible interfacing28cm zip

Cutting guide

Pink fabric: cut one back, top lip, bottom lip and two zip tabs Patterned fabric: cut one back and a 6cm x 30cm strip Contrast fabric: cut one top lip and bottom lipFusible interfacing: cut one back, top lip and bottom lip

Dimensions List

20cm x 30cm

Stitch a clutch purse

1 Download and print the templates. Cut out the pieces as indicated by the cutting guide, then adhere fusible interfacing to the pink back, top lip and bottom lip. Fold one zip tab piece 1cm from he short edge, press, then topstitch the folded edge to the zip, butting the unfolded edge with the end of the metal zip pull. Repeat with the second tab for the other end.

2 Lay the contrast bottom lip lining side up and place the zip on top, aligning the left edge of the zip with the long edge of the lip. Lay the outer pink piece on top, right side down, and pin in place. Stitch along the edge by hand or using a zip foot on your sewing machine. Open out so the zip is showing, then repeat for the other side of the zip with the top lip pieces. When sewn, open out and press carefully.

3 Fold the strap piece of fabric in half lengthwise and press, then open out and fold the outer edges to the centre and press again. Topstitch along both edges with a contrasting thread. Pin the sewn strip to the right side of the pink back piece, and topstitch over the existing stitching, 10cm in on each side to secure to the bag.

4 Pin the two outer lip panels right sides together. Sew all around the edges with a 1cm seam, then clip the curved pieces. Take the top and bottom lip lining pieces, fold and press 5mm in along the straight edges, then pin to the back lining piece right sides together and sew all around the edges with a 1cm seam, clipping the curves.

5 With the lip pieces wrong side out, place inside the lining piece and line up the seams and zip opening. Hand stitch the folded edges of the top and bottom lips to the wrong side of the zip. Turn the finished purse right side out and press thoroughly.