Kids’ Petal Skirt – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: floral cotton, 75cm (112cm); plain cotton, 75cm (112cm)Flat elastic, 20mm x 52cm


51cm waist, suitable for 3-4 years5mm seam allowance used throughout, unless otherwise stated

Download and print the templates from Cut out six large and six small petals in floral fabric, and another six large and six small in the plain fabric. With right sides facing, stitch two same sized petals, one floral and one plain, together. Leave a 4-5cm gap for turning through, then position this gap along a straight edge running down the side of a petal, where it will be easiest to neatly hand stitch the gap closed. Repeat for all petals, press and sew the gaps closed with whip stitch.

Lay the large petals neatly in a horizontal row with 2cm between the tops of the petals. Place a smaller petal over the gap between each large petal with the tops lined up. Pin, then tack together. Fold the top edges of the petals down by 4cm. Tack and press. Sew this top edge down as close as possible to what was previously the top of the petals. Repeat this line of stitching for extra strength.

Stitch an extra row along the top edge, as close to the edge as possible. Secure a safety pin to the end of the elastic and use it to carefully guide it through the waistband channel. Bring the two elastic ends together to create the skirt shape. Secure in place using back stitches.

Tuck one side of the open waistband under the opposite open side and make extra stitches along the waistband stitching to secure in place. Trim threads and ruche the waistband along the elastic to finish.