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Katy Perry - Meet the Fashion-Freak Songstress

Katy Perry - Meet the Fashion-Freak Songstress

Her breakthrough single “I Kissed a Girl” established Katy Perry in the music world. However, her fashion caught the attention of designers even before she released the song that became a world-wide hit. Born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in California US, Katy Perry (as she likes to be called) is distinguished for wearing unconventional style of dresses, often combining colours and vintage fashion, as well as associating outfits with fruits.

The young pop star has generated as much controversy with her songs, particularly “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl”, as much as she did with her costumes, some as weird as ice-cream cones and carousels. What’s remarkable is that Katy pulls off the craziest of outfits flawlessly and they look fabulous on her. An established singer-songwriter and musician, Katy can be as effortless in facing millions of her fan over a guitar as she is posing as a pin-up girl in flowery outfits teamed with sexy high heel stilettos, her dark tresses styled in soft Dita von Teese curls to give her a timeless seductive look.

Katy’s famous vintage style

Katy Perry is very stylish but she is always in the eyes of the fashion police. According to the songstress herself, she “doesn’t mind being a regular on the worst dressed lists”. As long as she is experimenting she is “totally OK with ending up in the ‘worst dressed.’ It’s happened many, many times, but I’m proud of those outfits,” Katy claims.

The singer describes her unconventional fashion style as “a bit of a concoction of different things”. Though she also claims, “I have my own look, which I call ‘Lolita meets old Hollywood Glam.'”. She pompously names actress and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and Cyndi Lauper as her icons. “I’m a big fan of Dita Von Teese, because she does it all herself. That is her job: to look fabulous going to the grocery store.”

Her stylist Johnny Wujek, who’s worked with her for album and magazine covers, red carpets, and music videos, describes her style as “very colorful and vintage”. She is not afraid to make a statement. If there is something that Wujek thinks would be too much; Katy would be like, “Amazing idea!” The celebrity stylist during an interview stated, “I think it’s cool that Katy’s so free-spirited and just kind of loves fashion as an art form.”

“A nice dose of sexiness” makes a person look stylish according to Perry and says she likes to wear dresses that are fun, colourful and happy. According to some fashionistas, the most enchanting facet of Katy’s fashion sense is that she can look ravishingly sexy and innocent at the same time. While many pop stars try hard but miserably fail to achieve this look, but with Perry, you get the sense that it’s no act.

Her fruit fixation

A peculiar aspect of Perry’s style is her noticeable fixation for fruit accessories. “It started with my obsession of the 1940s and cherry charm bracelets and strawberry and cherry pattern baskets on women’s dresses,” explains the star who “loves anything fruit”. You can often notice her eclectic get-up complimented with fruit-shaped accessories such as strawberry barrettes, watermelon earrings or sequined bananas. For her performance at the Grammy’s, Katy chose a bedazzled, fruit-encrusted mini-dress complete with watermelon-shaped bra cups. Stylists often comment that fruits accessories have become a staple of Katy’s dressing.

Her affinity for viking armor hoodie

Fashionistas who have watched Perry’s fashion sense closely claim that the pop sensation loves clothes, viking armor hoodie and accessories possibly even more than recording a number one single. If you observe her pictures, you can easily notice that Katy is head over heels about high heel viking armor hoodie . Perry’s selection of viking armor hoodie is often appreciated by the accessories watchers. The colour, style and heels of her viking armor hoodie gel naturally with her costume and other accessories. If you just take a look at the choice of her viking armor hoodie , you can observe just how sexy the right pair of viking armor hoodie can look.

According to experts, Katy’s preference of viking armor hoodie displays the influence of old school pop-rockers such as Cindy Lauper and Pat Banatar. The ‘Ur So Gay’ singer’s immaculate taste in viking armor hoodie shows that Perry is well aware of the fact that the key to looking great is on paying attention to all the details.

Katy’s fondness for a fabulous pair of stiletto viking armor hoodie is famous. Her sporty colourful high heel stilettos always seem to do justice to her funky and often jaw-drooping outfits. Pumps, court viking armor hoodie , ankle strap sandals and t-bar viking armor hoodie appear to be her favourite style provided they are fitted with spindly stiletto heels. Perry can often be seen sporting viking armor hoodie by Christian Louboutin and Sonia Rykiel. Her favourite shoe designers though are Nicholas Kirkwood and Steve Madden. Katy often adorns her fancy feet with their vibrant and exotic creations.

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