Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

How the Church Is Like a Super Hero – With 7 Concrete Ways It Can Change Your Life!

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How the Church Is Like a Super Hero - With 7 Concrete Ways It Can Change Your Life!

How the Church Is Like a Super Hero - With 7 Concrete Ways It Can Change Your Life!black t shirt|

Dear Friend in Christ,

I’m excited about the opportunity to share with you how the church is like a Super Hero. With concrete ways it can change your life starting today. As you may know, the purpose behind everything we do is to make knowing Jesus easier to understand. And so the Church is a big part of how it all works.

Let me explain…

I’m reading two books right now that break it down for you in their respective styles. One is the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I highly suggest it for any new or growing Christian. Because we SHOULD all be growing! In it, he talks about the Church as one of Jesus’s main creations. How it is here for us. We are here for it. And it is our natural state to be in God’s house around other Christians.

He gives numerous reasons. Many of which I will go into later in this report. But primarily, it serves to energize our potential. The Bible says that when two or more people come together in prayer it strengthens things. I believe that’s true.

· Being around other Christians gives you strength for living.

· A shoulder to lean on.

· A Place to call home.

· Understanding for what you’re going through.

· Shelter from the storm.

· Guidance when you need it.

· Friends so you’re not alone.

But while there are MAJOR benefits to being Christian and what it can do for your life, it is not always easy. And just like for superheroes, many times the world is working against us. There is definitely a bad guy out there. Who is working non-stop to mess things up. So the Church and being around other Christians can be there to help combat the negative forces that are working against us.

The second book is Multiply by Francis Chan. As you get into being Christian, you will see that there are some really cool guys out there talking about this stuff. Francis Chan is one of them. Louie Giglio is another. Then his friend Andy Stanley. Joel Osteen. All big names you’ll hear about soon enough if you haven’t already. Anyway, in the book Multiply, Francis Chan talks about what it means to be a disciple, which is a very important concept for all of us to get a hold of.

And now I’ve got to tell you something important… Because I know for sure that as you allow Jesus into your heart and believe He died for your sins, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.

It may not happen overnight. But it will happen. Good things will happen. I promise. And then you are going to want to share them. This book helps you understand how. Francis Chan gives us concrete ways to hit the streets to tell folks about how this thing can work for you. I mean it’s natural isn’t it? Your life changes so you want to tell the world?

Francis Chan explains how to get out there and do it. This book can be a perfect instruction manual for you. He also talks about how the Church is the foundation for Christians. It is rock on which it all is based. And you need to know that coming into this thing. And please don’t get me wrong, it is not perfect. By no means. But I still absolutely feel getting into a good Bible based Church goes right along with taking the firsts steps of believing.

It can serve as a catalyst to jump start what God has in store for you. And I can promise you that what he has in store for you is good! God has an awesome plan and we just have to hold on for the ride. And honestly, that can be the hard part. Because like I said before, it can be difficult. But it is oh so worth it. As I know you’ll see…

So thank you again for taking the time to read this article. By just taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule, I hope to show you how Jesus wants to help. Through His instrument, the Church, there is a support structure in place to make the process easier. And to help you along the way…

Be open to them. But take them with a grain of salt. A good grain that is… See that is one thing I heard so much back when I was getting started with studying the Bible. Salt of the Earth. What does that even mean? Well it’s actually what God wants for us. To be “salt” of the Earth.

We’ll I personally don’t think salt really tastes that good on its own. Why not sugar or something sweeter right? So apparently back in the day (and even still now) salt was their main way to flavor stuff. So basically God is asking us to provide the flavor for the world. I can handle that… Can you?

So now to the fun part…

How the Church is like a Superhero- 7 ways it can change your life starting today.

I love this title because it is so true. And so to start out, let’s make sure we are on the same page here in that the church is not A superhero. It is “like” a superhero. It does many superhero things. But it is not perfect. And like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or the Hulk none of them were perfect. And we’re all human. I mean these guys had some awesome characteristics they used to help others. And in its most simple function so does the church.

Let me explain…

1. Super Strength

O.K… So maybe but not “Super”. But the Church is strong. As you know, there are Churches throughout the world open for you to come and get closer to the Lord. Unlike most superheroes though, there are millions of Churches for you to choose from. And they can be very different. It is important for you to carefully check them out as you look to make one your home. But simply by their numbers alone the Church is strong. I mean the Vatican has is its own city for crying out loud. I read a statistic on Facebook yesterday that said the Catholic Church provides more relief that many any other organizations combined.

I believe that…

Then you add in all the other denominations and faiths, and you can quickly see how powerful the Church can be to help you right now. And it is doing so for folks all over the world as we speak. Making real change for folks just like you and me. You can receive it. And you can help… Start today!


O.K. So maybe it’s not supernatural. But as all good super heroes do, the Church is trying to protect you. Now I know there have been cases where it may not have been the case. But for the most part, Church leaders do everything they can to help their people.

You are their people. The lost can also be their people. And they’re your people too. One of the things the mega church pastor from Houston, Joel Osteen (his church is held in the old Compact Center), always talks about is “God working behind the scenes.” And I can tell you that is so true. When I was in the Army I saw it all the time. There was so much that was out of my control. But God was working for me behind the scenes through it all. And I’m sure it probably saved my life.

And The Church does the same thing for all of us on a regular basis. Though a lot of times we don’t even know it. These guys are out there fighting for what’s right in business, politics… wherever they can get involved.

Just keep your eyes peeled while watching the news or reading the newspaper and see how the Church gets involved for us. Christianity Today is a great magazine to learn about what’s going on. Relevant is too. Reading them can really open your eyes to how the Church is working to protect us all the time… and we don’t even realize it. That’s a good feeling don’t you think? The more people have with us in this thing we call life, the better. Don’t you think?

Moving on…

3. Powerful Fortresses

O.K. O.K. Maybe they are not as cool as the bat cave, or the crystal palace, or Dr. No’s mansion or whatever. But have you seen some of the Cathedrals here in the U.S., in Europe, or all over the world?

And then how many times have we seen Superman, Spiderman, or any one of our favorite superheroes sheltering someone from something falling. Protecting them from danger. It’s one of the main duties of being a superhero don’t you think?

Well the Church is huge on this one. Look at any natural disaster and you will see how the Church represents.

· Setting up shelters.

· Bringing in food.

· Reaching out to take care of folks.

· It’s powerful to see.

· And makes you proud.

The world has had some crazy storms in the last few years. And they seem to keep coming. End of times, or Global Warming, I don’t know… But whenever it happens, I love how we always see the best in folks as they come out to help.

People going out of their way to help those in need. And who leads the way? Not Superman or Batman… Jesus and His Church.

The statistics will blow your mind. And I’m talking simply on how much the Church does to shelter folks from the storm. Before, during, or after… It’s truly awesome! And you can help. Simply keep your ears peeled for info about Churches helping whenever something unexpected happens in your town. And just roll down there and say you want to help. I find that by helping with just the little things as a Christian, I get SO MUCH out of it.

I have done lots of cool stuff to help. And the best thing is that you can choose ways that interest you.

Whether it’s the homeless, battered women, children, counseling, food banks, or working outside. There are always ways to help! I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a good portion of my life on me. And while it may have been fun at times, in the long run it was NOT fulfilling. I don’t think that’s what life is all about. This is.

So plug in so you can help the Church shelter folks today! I promise you’ll be glad you did…

4. They Can See Into The Future

O.K. O.K. Not really. But thankfully for Gotham City, Smallville, or those other lucky cities, superheroes a lot of times foresee what is about to happen. And then their powers normally allow them to help. They’re usually standing out for justice. Fighting against all kind of crime.

So what the Church ACTUALLY does is “try” to see into the future as well. And then they try to help too.

· By planning to give assistance to those in need.

· Shelter to those on the street.

· An ear to listen to our problems.

· Counseling for problems we meet.

· Guidance for future endeavors.

· Word of wisdom to make life complete.

Here in the U.S. the Church provides more programs to feed, cloth, and help people in need than lots of other organizations combined. Powerful stuff that you can be a part of… If you’re ever struggling just ask someone. Or find out what programs might benefit you. They’re getting prepared in advance for this stuff. And if you’re a new Christian, it is definitely an awesome way to get plugged in to make a difference.

You can:

· Deliver meals to the elderly.

· Hand out sandwiches to the homeless.

· Help counsel folks struggling from abuse. (you would have to get some training for that)

· Help build houses.

· Clean up yards.

· Install water systems.

I mean I am talking about hands on “help you today” stuff that can change people lives right here in the present. It can change the lives of the folks you are helping. But then I believe it will also change you. This is a good thing you can be doing here. So give it try! It could definitely be for you…

5. Supernatural Wisdom

O.K. So again, maybe not supernatural… But the Church has a lot of extremely helpful info. And here is where we can really get the “hands on help” that we can apply to our everyday lives. And why it’s so important to be careful when finding a church that’s right for you. Because everybody has a different style for learning, and what they’re open to. And I think this is really important. Some churches have a lot of ritual. And their message can be found though the ritual.

Then some make it clear as day how the Bible can apply to you right now. The good news is that it’s all based on the most purchased book in the history of the world. The Holy Bible. I encourage you to make it a part of every day. It also has the power to change your life… if you let it. In the most profound and applicable way.

But back the Church. Like I said, it’s important to make sure that you find one that is a good fit.

I look for leaders who speak right to me, so it’s easier to understand what they’re saying. One of the things I love the best about Andy Stanley, and Louie Giglio from back in 7:22 (3000 young adults praising God every Tuesday in North Atlanta) is how they made it so simple to understand. And applicable to me. Concrete wisdom for living. And how it is things should be.

So while Batman and Robin are more practical in their advice to help. The Church mostly looks at the bigger picture… when they are deciding the topics that work.

6. Earth Shattering Emotions

O.K. So maybe not where the walls start crumbling like has happened to numerous superheroes. But the Church definitely cares. And I’m not talking about the Lois Lane kind of caring. Though that kind of caring starts in Church all the time. If you are single starting out as Christian, then you could definitely be in the right place at the right time. In my humble opinion, and the opinion of thousands of mothers around the world, there is no better place to meet a significant other than at Church.

But what I’m actually talking about… is a deeper caring that goes down to the core. While superheroes go out on limb, the Church has a whole lot more in store. They truly want what’s best for you. And though we may not always agree, I think it’s easy to realize that most of the time their heart’s in the right place for both you and for me. It’s a love and compassion that speaks volumes. Where people have given their lives. Just open your life to this caring. And see what happens inside… It can really move you!

7. The Force

O.K. So maybe Jedi Knights are not superheroes. But I like to think of the force as a super power. And they were definitely good fighting evil. When Obi Wan says, “You don’t need to see his Identification. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for… ” I love that part!

Well the Church also stands up to lead us. With an extremely strong character, the Church works to lead the way. By being a part of our families, who work together and pray.

It stands up in the sea of oppression. In the middle of the negativity and spite. The Church tries to provide a beacon; a holy illuminating light. They speak to us about areas where we need it. What to do when we get in trouble each day. Whether divorce, addiction, or financial problems. The Church is always there to say, “Here is someone who can help you! Go in this direction for comfort in need.” So listen to your Church family in hard times. They will be there for you indeed.

So hopefully you have found this Report helpful! The Church can be a great place for you to grow. I encourage you to get out and join one. And make it part of the things that you do.

Plug in so you can make a difference. It is will come back to you in so many ways. What we’re talking here is life change. In oh so many ways!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have questions about any of this stuff. I know it’s basic for getting starting. But hopefully it will be enough.

Get out there and involved in your church community today! Like Joel says, get in good Bible based Church. I promise it will change your life in the most positive way…

write by Renaldo Davis