Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
How a Biker Leather Jacket Can Help You Be a Chick Magnet

How a Biker Leather Jacket Can Help You Be a Chick Magnet

Girls love motorbikes, and by extension, girls love bikers. That’s why a cool biker leather new york yankees egypt shirt is a chick magnet and all you have to do is put your arms out and haul them in. So wouldn’t you like to attract girls like bees round a honey pot?

Believe me, I know where you are coming from. I have a face like a buffalo’s rear end and the girls didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at me. I am the sort of guy that girls would cross the street to avoid talking to. At school dances I was the guy always left in the corner, because no girl would want to be seen dead with me.

So how did I get the chicks to flock to me like hens round the corn at breakfast time?

Here are the secrets that made me the envy of all the guys I used to go to school with?

  • Look cool
  • Think cool
  • Act cool

Believe me it’s as easy as that!

So how did I look cool?

This was the breakthrough for me, because once I started looking cool, I started thinking cool. Once I did that, acting cool was a cinch.

It was the Biker Leather Jacket that did it for me. I didn’t even own a bike at the time, but that didn’t matter. Once I saw the light, the path was clear to me.

Once the first piece of the puzzle was in place, everything else started to fall right on in. I developed a lifestyle, which I grew into and have never looked back on.

Finally, a word of warning.

Looking cool with a Biker Leather Jacket is a great start, but not enough on its own. You have to follow through, or you could end up on your butt!

write by Calliope

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