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Fabric: silk, 50cmLamp with lampshadeCushion pad, 36cm squareDouble-sided tapeTrimmings

Dimensions List

Cushion: 36cm square

Create a trimmed lampshade

Stick a length of doublesided tape around the base of a lamp then attach pink pom pom trim, starting at the join in the shade. Stick an extra piece of doublesided tape at the ends, lapping the ends of the trim over each other.

Repeat this process at the top of the shade. Next, cut a length of green ric rac, attach double-sided tape to the back, and stick to the shade, just above the base pom poms. Again, begin at the join in the shade.

Make and envelope cushion cover

Cut a rectangle of silk measuring 36cm x 85cm. Overlock or zig zag stitch both of the short edges. At one of these ends, fold and press a flap of approximately 5cm onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Take a 36cm length of green pom pom trim. Open the fold pressed into the rectangle and stitch the pom poms along the fold line, the bobbles should lie inwards towards the rectangle. Next, cut a 36cm length of rose trim, lay this behind the pom poms and hand stitch into place. Fold the fabric back to the wrong side.

Place the fabric right side up and fold the neatened ends in towards each other. The end with the extra flap should be folded first. Fold them towards one end, forming an envelope opening. The rectangle should measure 2cm smaller than the cushion pad (34cm). Pin these folds into place before stitching 1cm seams to both of the open raw edges. Overlock or zig zag stitch the two seams then turn right sides out and press.