Holiday Clutch Bag – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: plain; printed, 12cm x 32cm eachAida, 11 count,Threads, embroideryWadding, 12cm x 32cmBraid, pom pom, 23cmEmbroidery hoop

Dimensions List

13cm x 23cm

Make a clutch bag

Place a piece of aida into an embroidery hoop and download the cross stitch chart from Starting at the top and working from left to right, follow the chart using coloured threads until completed. Cut around the design leaving a 2cm border.

Cut plain outer fabric, printed cotton lining and wadding, each measuring 12cm x 32cm. Place the outer fabric on a work surface and lay the cross stitch design face down in the middle so that when you fold it back it lines up with the top edge. Sew together making sure your sewing lines up exactly with the edge of the cross stitch. Fold the right way and press flat.

Place the main piece facing up, followed by the lining right side down, with the wadding on top. Pin everything together and sew all three sides of the flap where the cross stitch design is. Fold the lining up wrong sides together so the top edge meets the bottom of the flap. Sew the side seams.

Repeat with the outer fabric,but with right sides together, then turn the whole piece inside out. Push the lining inside the main part of the bag. Neaten the remaining raw edges by tucking them inside and sewing neatly by hand. Stitch pom pom braid to the inside edge of the flap.