Hexagon Block Patchwork Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Lula Magnolia collection from Riley Blake, 10 prints, 25cm of each; plain, white, 1.3m x 2mWadding, 1.3m squarePom pom trim, orange, 2cm x 4m


Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Dimensions List

Block: 12cm sided hexagonQuilt: 63cm sided hexagon

Make a Block

Choose one print for your block centre and another for the border. From the centre fabric, cut a hexagon with 6.5cm sides. Trim 6cm wide strips from the border fabric, stitching pieces end to end if necessary. Sew a border strip across one side of the hexagon, open out, press and trim the ends in line with the hexagon’s side. Repeat for the opposite side. Stitch another border strip to the next side of the hexagon, joining it to the slanted end of the previous strip. Open out, press and trim the ends in line. Repeat for the opposite side. Sew strips to the two remaining sides of the hexagon in the same way. Open out, press and trim to complete a larger hexagon shape with 12cm sides.

Make a Quilt

Make 13 hexagon blocks using a combination of the 10 fabrics. Sew a white equilateral triangle with 12cm sides to the top and bottom of each block to make a diamond. Lay five diamonds out in a line. Place the others in lines of four above and below, matching the sides of the hexagons to the sides of the triangles so the lines interlock. Make six more hexagons, but only add one white triangle to each. Lay three above and three below the block arrangement, slotting them in the gaps. Make four more white triangles and attach them in the remaining spaces in order to form one large hexagon. Join the blocks together in strips, then attach these to complete the quilt top. Press. Outline the hexagon with 5cm strips of printed fabric, mitring the corners as you do so. Lay white backing fabric on a flat surface and place wadding on top. Position the quilt top centrally over the stack and pin all three layers together at 10cm intervals. Quilt in the ditch along the seam lines of the design with a coordinating thread. Trim the wadding to the same size as the quilt top. Cut the backing fabric 2cm larger all round. Fold under 5mm of the quilt top and pin. Fold the backing fabric over the edge of the wadding to make a narrow white border. Pin and topstitch the folded edge of the quilt top to the border, mitring the corners neatly. Pin a length of pom pom trim around the edge of the quilt. Topstitch in place.