Hetty Hen Toy – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, assorted printsPale pink feltQuilt waddingToy stuffingEmbroidery thread, light blueButtons, 10mm x 2

Dimensions List

24cm x 30cm

1 Using the templates provided, cut one pair of body pieces, adding a 5mm seam allowance. Snip out a body gusset from coordinating fabric and stitch one side to a body piece between the crosses. Sew the remaining body piece to the other edge of the gusset. Stitch the rest of the body pieces together, leaving a gap at the top of the head and tail. Turn the body out through the head gap and stuff firmly. Turn in the raw edges of the gap and finger press, but don’t close yet.

2 Cut two cockscomb pieces from contrast fabric and sew right sides together, leaving the bottom flat edge open. Clip all curves and corners, turn right sides out and stuff lightly. Tack the bottom edge closed, slip the comb into the top of the head, then slip-stitch the gap closed.

3 Cut five pairs of tail feathers from assorted fabrics and pair up right sides together. Pin onto wadding and sew around the feathers, leaving the straight edge open. Trim the wadding to size, then turn out. Use two strands of light blue thread to sew running stitch around the edges of the feathers, pulling taut in places to gently curl each one. Gather the feathers in a bunch and sew together at the raw ends. Fit into the gap at the tail and slip stitch closed, so the feathers fan out.

4 Snip out two pairs of wings from contrasting fabrics and pair right sides together onto wadding. Pin and stitch through all layers, leaving a gap along the top straight edge. Trim the wadding to size and turn out. Turn in the edges of the gap and pin. Sew running stitch around the edges of the wings, closing the gap as you go.

5 Pin and slip-stitch the wings to either side of the body, leaving the top edges open to use as pockets for treats or sewing supplies. Cut two beak pieces without a seam allowance from pale pink felt, and sew together with running stitch, leaving the curved part open. Lightly stuff and oversew to the front of the head. Add two 10mm blue buttons for eyes.