Heirloom reindeer toys – Free sewing patterns


Patterned fabric, 25cm square, twoBlack embroidery threadCrewel needleToy fillingRibbon, 50cmBellWooden bead, 4mmCoordinating thread

Dimensions List

22cm x 24cmUse a 5mm seam allowance throughout, unless otherwise stated.

sew a reindeer

1 Download and print the templates. Cut a 25cm square from two fabrics. With right sides together, lay the reindeer template on top, pin and cut out.

2 Mark the positioning of the eyes using the template. Thread your needle with double thickness black embroidery thread and wrap it around the needle a couple of times to create a French knot. Repeat on the other side of the reindeer.

3 With right sides facing, pin the two reindeer pieces together and machine stitch around the edge, leaving a gap on the back leg for turning through. Snip the corners, turn through and press.

4 Beginning with the antlers, stuff your reindeer. When it’s close to being full, start slipstitching the gap closed. Continue stuffing the leg and sew closed.

5 Tie a 50cm length of ribbon into a bow around the reindeer’s neck. Trim the ends and sew a bell onto the centre of the bow. Sew on a wooden bead for the nose. If you are making the reindeer for a small child however, omit the beaded nose and bell charm.