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Grace Kinstler is an American Singer and Songwriter who is also best known for being a contestant in season 19 of American Idol. She prefers the pop genre of songs and her work can be seen on YouTube, Spotify, and the Jio channel.

During her audition performance for this season of “American Idol” brought judge Luke Bryan to tears, judge Katy Perry said it was “true magic” and all three judges said yes to Hollywood. “I get brought to tears by stories and backgrounds of what people have been through and their struggles,” Bryan said. “But this is the first time in four years that just someone’s singing made me cry.”

The 20-year-old Berklee College of Music student is now a frontrunner on this season of “American Idol” but this isn’t the first time she’s auditioned for the show.

Kinstler was born on 4th August 2001 in Illinois, Chicago, US.

She applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston and got in, which she said was lucky because it was the only college she applied to. She then moved from Chicago to Boston and began attending school there as a songwriting major.

“I first was going to do vocal performance but then I felt like going in I had a lot more to learn about songwriting,” she told MassLive. “I wanted to really delve into something that I love to do, but that I wanted to learn how to do more eloquently and more effectively.”

Grace Kinstler Age

Grace Kinstler is 20 years old.


Her mother is Sherry Kinstler and her father is Mitch. She also has two brothers, not much has been shared about her brother.

A year ago, in 2020, she admits she was in “a very rough place” after her dad died and with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her dad, however, has been with her throughout her time on the show as she continues to follow his advice he once gave her. “My dad always told me there’s always gonna be someone better than you and there’s always gonna be someone worse than you but you can learn something from both people,” she told MassLive.


She is currently in a relationship with Joseph Wheatley. Joseph is known for his beatboxing skills as he posts videos on social media. The couple is dating since 2019 and they share a lot of pictures together on social media.

Grace Kinstler Hips

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