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Glenn Yothers has been the church treasurer in Unity Township for 12 years. There is no other information available on Yothers, and it appears that he does not have a Facebook account.

Between 2015 and 2019, Yothers used church funds to pay for the ‘Flirt for Free’ website. His misdeeds came to light after the council noted that bills were not being paid and deposits were not being made to church accounts. Initially, Yothers claimed that he was paying church expenses from his personal bank account and then reimbursing himself. However, investigations found that the money was being used to pay for the pornographic website. When confronted with the evidence, Yothers allegedly confirmed the true nature of the payments.

Glenn Yothers Age

Glenn Yothers is 56 years old.

Arrested – Charged

Yothers is accused of stealing more than $ 150,000 from Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Unity Township. He has been charged with robbery by deception and robbery by illegal taking after the church was about to close.

Yothers was approached by the church council two years ago after they were informed that the bills were not being paid. He denied any wrongdoing at the time. The church’s public services were cut off, eventually leading to his removal from office as treasurer and arrest. An audit of financial records shows that Yothers deposited $ 150,606 from church accounts into his personal account. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the money was being used to pay for por**nog**raphic websites.

“Others said he started this with the best of intentions because he wanted to help people, but it got out of hand.” He reportedly turned to the website because he was bored at home when his wife was at work. He kept financial records at home, according to police. Agent Steve Limani said: “None of this was going to be used for charity. Own personal enjoyment of it and own personal use of it.”

The church is located in the town of Trauger and claims to be “one of the oldest congregations in Westmoreland County,” on its website. Someone else’s name has been removed from the council on the website. He is represented by Michael Garofalo of Greensburg, who has so far declined to comment on the case.