Girl’s patch pocket summer dress – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, floral; lemon; pale green; whiteThread: white; dark blueFusible webbingIron-on interfacing, medium weightButtons, pale blue, five

Dimensions List

Ages 2-3: 40cm x 43cmAges 4-5: 46cm x 48cm

Download the template below, cut out two dress pieces from floral fabric and two from lemon cotton (for the lining), as well as two bands from fusible webbing. Iron the webbing onto the wrong side of a piece of green fabric, cut out and pin a strip along the right side of each of the floral pieces, 5cm from the bottom seam. Using white thread, work a zig zag stitch along the edges of each band to secure them in place.

Cut two petal motifs from white fabric and one from medium-weight interfacing, using the template on pages 82-83. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces. Press fusible webbing to the back of a scrap of floral fabric and cut out one flower section. Zig zag stitch the flower to the middle of one of the petal pieces, on the right side.

Press both white petal pieces together with right sides facing and machine stitch around the curved edges leaving the top section unstitched. Turn through and press. Using the pocket template (download below) cut one green, one lemon and one interfacing piece. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the green fabric.

Pin the top section of the petals on top of the green pocket piece with wrong sides facing and add the lemon piece onto this, with the right side facing out. Ensure the curves of the petals are poking out at the top and zig zag stitch all three pieces together along the upper edge of the pocket.

Position the pocket onto the dress piece, referring to the image for guidance, and pin the petals up. Unpin the petals and fold them over, sewing tiny buttons onto each curve with dark blue thread to secure them, being mindful not to sew into the dress for the middle one.

Cut two top panels from fusible webbing, using the template, and iron to the green fabric. Trim around the edges and secure along the tips of the front and back floral dress pieces. Zig zag stitch along one edge with white thread.

Pin the front and back pieces of the dress together with right sides facing and machine stitch along both side seams, with a 5mm seam allowance, then press them open. Repeat with the lining sections. Turn the main dress inside out and pin to the lining so the wrong sides are facing. Machine stitch together at the armholes and trim the seams. Turn the dress through so the lining is inside and press.

On the green top front section on the dress sew two tiny buttons 1cm in, just above the zig zag stitches. Fold the raw edges over so that they are level with the zig zag stitching on the right sides and pin for a neat edge. Hold in place with hand-sewn over stitches, being mindful not to go through to the right side. Repeat for the back section, excluding the buttons.

Cut two 4.5cm x 60cm strips of green fabric, turn the short edges over and press. Fold the long edges over and press, then fold the strips in half and press again. Pin and machine stitch. Feed one of the strips through each top section of the dress.To finish, turn the lining hem over twice, pin, tack and machine stitch. Repeat for the floral fabric.