Geometric Stitched Felt Coasters – Free sewing patterns


Felt: 3mm thick, black; 6mm thick, grey, black, red, 12cm square of eachThread, embroidery, black; white; red; greyFusible webbingPencil, dressmaking

Dimensions List

Coaster: 12cm squareBox: 13cm square

Make embroidered coasters

Cut two 12cm squares each from red, grey and black 6mm thick felt. Then, using 3mm thick black felt, cut out six squares and back with fusible webbing.

Download the guides for this project. Cut out a stitch hole pattern and lay it on top of a felt square. Using a sharp dressmaking pencil, pierce through the paper, leaving a tiny dot on the felt. Follow our stitch patterns to embroider a different design onto each coaster, using coloured threads.

Once you’ve embroidered the coasters, iron the 3mm thick black squares to the reverse of each to cover up the stitching. With very sharp scissors, trim any excess felt at the edges.

Make a box

Download and print the box template. Cut out all of the pieces from 6mm thick red felt. Using a metal ruler and scalpel, score along the dotted lines but do not cut right through the felt.

Using matching thread, sew up the sides with 5mm blanket stitches. Place your set of coasters inside.