Fur Stole – Free sewing patterns


Faux fur, 70cmLining, 70cm

Dimensions List

18cm x 125cm

Make a fur stole

Download the pattern. Cut one piece from fur fabric and one from silk lining. Match the lining and fur pieces together, right sides facing, and pin then stitch all the way around the edge of the collar, leaving a 12cm gap at the back neck.

Trim the corners, then turn the collar to the right side through the gap left in the back neck. Hand slip stitch the opening closed. Use a large pin to tease out the fur from the edges of the seams.

5 tips for sewing with faux fur

Determine the nap of the fabric – this is the direction the fur ‘grows’. Follow the ‘with nap’ cutting layout, if provided, to make sure it is the same on all pieces.Trace the pattern outline in chalk onto the backing and cut the pieces out on a single layer, remembering to trace those on the fold full-size.Use sharp scissors to cut through the backing, trying to avoid slicing too much fur. It will shed a lot, so be prepared to vacuum afterwards!Always sew in the direction of the fur and use a longer stitch length on your sewing machine.Smooth the fibres in the direction of the nap before sewing, and afterwards gently tease them from the seam line and trim at the seam allowance to reduce bulk.