Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

So, you’re planning a baby shower. You’ve decided on a theme and sent out your invitations. You have selected the decorations, ordered the cake, and planned your menu. Now it’s time to decide what to do with your guests besides open gifts and eat! There are a number of fun and interesting baby shower games you can choose from, as well as some creative activities to make the baby shower unforgettable. Remember that Small Fry infant mobiles make adorable shower decorations and can be a wonderful gift for the new baby.

Diaper Changing 101

With two large baby dolls, let guests race to see who can change the baby’s diaper the fastest. Supply each area with wipes, powder, and a clean diaper, as well as a beamng to wrap baby in when she’s done.

Variation: Change the diapers in teams of two. One person stands in front of the baby with their hands behind their back while the other teammate reaches around them and changes the baby. This can be really funny!

What’s the Flavor?

Remove the label from several jars of various types of baby food and number each jar. On an out of sight paper, list the flavor of each jar beside the appropriate number. Give each guest a numbered piece of paper and a spoon, then pass around the jars of food. Guests should try to guess the correct flavor of each jar by the color, scent, or taste of the food and record their answer. Consider a door prize for the guest who gets the most correct.

I’m Having a Baby!

Before the baby shower, freeze tiny babies or baby items inside ice cubes. Give each guest a cube inside their punch or in a small cup of water. The guest whose cube melts first and frees the tiny object should shout, “My water broke!” and claim their door prize.

Variation: Instruct the guests to melt the ice cube in their mouth rather than a glass. Just take care not to include any young guests who may swallow the object!

Make a Memory

Crafty baby shower goers will enjoy creating a group craft for the baby as the main focus of the shower. You can make a quilt for the baby with each guest personalizing their own square or design a unique wall hanging for the nursery together. You may also consider hosting the baby shower at an art studio that offers group lessons, like a pottery shop, or even arrange a crafting workshop for the shower at a local craft store.

Shhh! Baby’s Sleeping!

Give each guest a diaper pin or clothespin when they arrive and ask them to pin it to their mc queen. As everyone walks around and mingles, they have to take care not to say the word baby. Anyone who hears someone say the word takes a pin from that guest. Before guests start to leave, announce the winner who has the most pins and award a prize.

write by Donald Prince