Florentine embroidery – Free sewing patterns


Zweigart 14 count interlock canvasBacking fabricNarrow bias binding, 35cmPVC scrapsTapestry frame (optional)Tapestry wool, bright coloursTapestry needle, size 22 or 24Coordinating sewing threadElastic, 40cm

Dimensions List

Notebook cover: 20cm x 25cmWallet: 10cm x 14cm

Stitch a notebook cover

1 Cut 25cm x 30cm of canvas and stretch on a frame if you’re using one. Open out a notebook and place it cover side down on the canvas. Mark a line all round, 8mm away from the edge, using a pencil, an erasable marker, or a line of running stitch.

2 Download and print the pattern charts. Thread a tapestry needle, and starting in the centre of the canvas, work the first row, following the chart. As you begin to stitch, leave a short length of yarn at the back of the work, trapping it under the first few stitches to secure it.

3 Once the first row is complete, work from the centre of the design outwards. Use a contrasting colour to complete the next row, continuing like this changing shade on each, or working two rows using the same hue if you wish, to add variety to the pattern.

4 When you come to each end of the design area, you will need to work a few incomplete rows to create a straight edge – use the chart to guide you. Remove the canvas from the frame and trim it to a margin of five holes all round. Add a border of straight stitch in cream yarn.

5 Cut 22cm x 27cm of backing fabric and place it right side up. Cut four 10cm lengths of elastic and pin in position across each corner. Lay the embroidered canvas face down on top, lining up the edges.

6 Pin, tack, then stitch around three sides, close to the edge of the embroidered area, trapping the ends of the elastic in the seam. Clip the corners, trim the seam allowance, then turn out. Tuck in the raw edges on the open side and slipstitch together.

Make a wallet

1 Work the needlepoint pattern using the smaller chart. Once complete, trim the canvas to within five holes of the stitched area all round. Cut 16cm x 20cm from backing fabric and place right side up. Snip two 8cm x 12cm pieces of PVC and bind one long edge of each with narrow bias binding.

2 Place the PVC pieces on the backing fabric, ensuring that the two bound edges of the pockets are in the centre, 8mm apart. Lay the canvas face down on top and pin, tack, then stitch round three sides, close to the edge of the embroidery. Turn right side out, tuck in the raw edges on the open side and slipstitch together.