Floral Wash Bag and Hanging Storage Bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Gütermann, Ring a Roses collection: Butterfly on Pink Check; Pink Flowers Burst on White; Roses on Green; Pink Stitch in Pink Circle on Pink; White Daisy on PinkInterfacing: lightweight; medium weight; pelmet, heavyweight Wadding, 30cm x 40cmThread, sewing, turquoise Bias binding: patterned; pinkPom pom trim, mini, pale pink, 30cmRibbon, green stripe, 70cmRic rac, jumbo, pale pink, 30cmButton, pearlGlitter glue

Dimensions List

Wash bag: 25cm x 28cmHanging storage bag: 25.5cm x 44cm

Stitch a wash bag

Draw a 21cm x 30cm rectangle on card and cut out a 4cm square at both corners of a long edge. Using this template, cut out two in pelmet interfacing, one in green floral fabric for the front and one in a pink print for the back. Iron both pieces to the interfacing.

Pin them right sides together using a 5mm seam allowance, then stitch down both sides and across the bottom. Push the bottom seam up so that it meets the side seams at both ends and stitch across to form the base of the wash bag. Turn right side out.

To make a butterfly, cut one out from Butterfly on Pink Check print, allowing room around the edges. Back it with interfacing and press. Stitch the outline of the butterfly, then cut it out allowing 3mm around the edge. Repeat to make a pair. Stitch them to the wash bag, sewing down the body and not the wings. Sew antennae on the bag using turquoise thread.

For the lining, use the template and cut two panels from a pink print. Pin right sides together, then stitch down both sides, using a 1cm seam allowance, and across the bottom. Push the bottom seam up as before and stitch. Sit this inside the bag and stitch around the top, 5mm from the edge.

To make hanging loops, cut two 7cm x 34cm rectangles from a green print. Fold the long raw edges in by 1cm, iron them flat, then fold each piece in half and stitch down both sides. Fold each loop in half and pin to the top of the back of the bag, 6.5cm in from the side seams.

Fold a 14cm piece of green striped ribbon in half and pin the raw ends between the loops. Use pink bias binding and, starting at the back, stitch it all around the top, making sure you catch the loops and ribbon ends in the seam.

Stitch a length of mini pale pink pom pom trim across the front of the bag, just underneath the binding. Sew a pearl button to the front for the green ribbon to fasten on, then add a little glitter glue to the butterfly wings.

Make a hanging storage bag

Make a 27cm x 34cm template and cut out a 2.5cm square at both corners of a short edge. Use this template to cut out one from green floral fabric. Cut 10cm x 27cm from a pink print. Stitch these two pieces together at the 27cm edges using a 5mm seam allowance, then iron the seam on the reverse.

Cut wadding and pin it to the reverse of the fabric. Quilt the green fabric in vertical lines, 2cm apart, and highlight the patterned piece at the top by quilting in circles. Stitch jumbo pink ric rac across the join, and sew on two butterflies as before.

Make a template to cut out the back of the bag in pink fabric matching up the size of the front, then iron lightweight interfacing to the reverse. Pin the front and back of the bag, right sides together, using a 5mm seam allowance. Stitch down both sides and across the bottom. Push the bottom seam up to meet the sides and stitch across. Turn right side out.

Cut two pieces of lining fabric using the template. Create an internal pocket measuring 16cm square in pink fabric. Fold all of the edges in by 5mm, iron flat, then fold the top over again. Stitch across the top seam only. Pin this to one of the lining pieces, 7cm from the top, and stitch across the sides and bottom. Iron on the reverse.

Pin both lining pieces right sides together and assemble as before. Sit this inside the main bag and stitch around the top, 5mm from the edge. To make the handle, cut 7cm x 32cm in a coordinating print and fold one long edge into the middle and iron. Fold the other side over twice to cover the edge of the first fold. Press and stitch down the middle. Pin it 7cm from each side at the back of the bag.

Pin one end of a 20cm piece of green striped ribbon between the handle ends and pin one end of another 20cm piece of ribbon in the middle at the front of the bag. Stitch floral bias binding all around the top, making sure to secure the handle and ribbon. Add glitter glue to the butterfly wings.