Festive baby bibs – Free sewing patterns


Brown striped cotton based linen, 50cm x 60cmRed Christmas print cotton fabric, 20cm square (robin), or 30cm square (Santa)Mustard cotton based linen, 10cm squareFleece fabric, 30cm x 50cmPlain cotton fabric, cream 50cm x 60cm, peach 20cm squareFelt, white 20cm x 30cm, red 5cm squareFusible webbingStranded cotton, brown, lime greenCotton rope, 5mm x 30cmSewing thread, green, cream, mustard, redPress studs

Dimensions List

20cm x 35cm

sew festive bibs

Robin bib 1 Download and print the templates. Cut out two main robin shapes from brown striped fabric and one from fleece. Iron fusible webbing to the reverse of red Christmas fabric, then cut out the chest shape.

2 Iron the chest onto the body front, then place the fleece to the reverse and secure with a row of running stitch in green stranded cotton and two lines of straight stitch on the machine. Embroider an eye with brown stranded cotton and satin stitch.

3 Trim two beak pieces from mustard fabric. Sew along two of the sides and turn wrong side out. Press flat. Snip two 15cm lengths of cotton rope and tie a knot 2cm from the end of each one for the legs. Pin the beak and legs to the front so that they face the centre.

4 Place the decorated body and remaining stripy piece right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a 5cm gap. Turn right side out and close the opening with small over stitches. Press flat. To complete, add a stud closure to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Santa bib 1 Snip two main head shapes from cream cotton fabric and one from fleece. Iron fusible webbing to the reverse of red Christmas fabric and cut out a hat shape. Iron onto the head, place the fleece on the reverse and secure with a line of green running stitches along the rim of the hat.

2 Trim a beard from white felt and a face from peach cotton, then machine stitch them together. Embroider the eyes with brown thread and satin stitch. Sew the beard piece to the head and add a red felt nose. Back stitch the mouth with brown stranded cotton. Cut out a white felt bobble and sew to the top of the hat to complete your Santa. Assemble the rest of the bib in the same way as the robin design.