Felted teddy – Free sewing patterns


Sew Kit

Felted jumper; dark fabric, 10cm squareSafety toy fillingThread: sewing, matching; embroidery stranded, brownToy safety eyesToy joints, 20mm, fourNeedles: sewing; tapestry

Cutting Guide

From the felted jumper

2 heads, one reversed1 head gusset2 ears4 arms, 2 reversed4 legs, 2 reversed2 tummies, 1 reversed2 backs, 1 reversed

From the darker felt

1 nose2 inner ears2 hand soles2 foot soles

Making up

Pin the pieces together with right sides facing out and hand sew the seams with small over stitches, using matching thread

Teddy’s head

Join the v-shaped darts on each side of the head. Oversew the gusset to one side, matching point A to the tip of the nose to point B at the back of the neck. Sew the other side of the head to the other side of the gusset, then join the seams from A to C and B to D.

Sew the inner ears centrally to the outer ears. Pin and stitch them to the head, so that the outer edges lie over the dart seams. Sew the nose to the end of the snout. Using all six strands of the embroidery thread, sew three straight lines for the nose and mouth.

Attach buttons or fix safety-eyes in place. Take time to find the best position, as their beady look is what gives character and individuality to your bear. Stuff the head firmly.

Teddy’s arms & legs

Stitch the hand soles to the two inner arms. Pin the arms together in pairs and refer back to the pattern pieces to mark the position dots on the inner pieces. Pierce holes through the dots using the point of your embroidery scissors. Stitch around the outside edge, leaving an opening between the pairs of small triangles shown on the patterns. Stuff the lower part firmly.

Pin together in pairs and pierce the dots, as for the arms. Oversew the front and back seams, leaving the bottom of the foot open. Pin the soles into the openings, matching points E at the back and F at the front, and sew them into place.

Stuff the bottom two thirds firmly, pushing the filling right into the foot.

Mark and pierce two position dots on each back piece. Pin and stitch the centre back seam from D to G. Join the two tummy pieces to the side edges of the two backs, matching points G to H.

Making up the bear

Push the pointed halves of the joints through the holes at the top of each limb, then through the matching hole in the back. Fix them securely to the body with the washers supplied, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Sew up the top edges of the limbs, adding more stuffing as you go to give them a rounded shape.

Seam the front tummy from H to C and stuff the body. Pin on the head, matching points C and D and sew it securely in place. You may need to add more filling at the neck edge. Sew three short lines over the edges of the paws to represent the claws.

How to…felt jumpers

The garments will need to be 100% wool or cashmere and not be pre-treated as this will stop them from shrinking – check the label first. Cut them apart along the seams. Set to a 90° wash cycle, adding detergent as usual, and zip the woollies into a nylon bag to prevent the fluff from blocking the machine. You can felt two or three woollies at a time, but use a ‘colour catcher’ if they are different shades as the hot temperature will cause the dyes to run. If desired, finish by tumble drying to help the fibres meld together.