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Fashion Men, Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe Now

Fashion Men, Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe Now

Here are some definitive Men’s Must-Haves to slick up any fall wardrobe. Whether you are adding a few basics or spruce up your look with some signature pieces, these looks should get you through the fall season looking dapper.

With the chill and wind of autumn, take a look at your outerwear options. It is too early to whip out the long wool coats and puffy down ski jackets so look for some functional and stylish pieces for the cooler months. Denim jackets in new styles and colors are making a comeback. These jackets are no longer just for cowboys and farmers but can add a bit of pizazz to your look. Denim is also an easy to clean and essentially indestructible fabric. Look for unique styles and warm earthy tones that can easily match your wardrobe.

Soft leather jackets in black or dark brown offer a sophisticated elegant look. Leather is also warm and makes a great transition coat between warm to cooler weather. Leather jackets tend to be pricier than denim so go for a traditional style that can last many seasons and can be a long time staple in your closet.

Since it is too soon for the down jackets meant for the slopes, start with a vest. These can be stylish and here you can have a bit of fun with colors. These vests are relatively inexpensive and durable. A bright orange or dark green can really pop with jeans and an oxford without being too bold.

If denim leather or down are not your thing for fall outerwear, a lot of retailers are showing stylish lightweight jackets in warm autumn colors. Look here for neutral shades that can be paired with jeans, khakis or even nicer pants.

Fall season marks the transition from boat loafers to heavier viking style hoodie . Ankle boots are making a comeback these days. Materials include soft leather for a more refined sleeker look. Other fun fabrics including corduroy-like material and other fabrics can be seen out and about. Stick to blacks and dark browns for the greatest versatility and wear.

Finally, cotton lycra pants are a staple in everyman’s weekend wardrobe. Hang up the light khakis until the spring and look for some dark brown or green casual pants. Good denim jeans are a definite must-have. If you get tired of the typical blue jean color, have some fun with light or dark grey denim that really works with just about any top. These are some mens must-haves for the fall sure to make any look hip.

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