Fabric Storage Patchwork Teacups – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics: Bijoux by Bari J, Divine Gypsy Rosewood, Bohemian Charms Cream, Bohemian Charms Honey, Dancing Harvest Guava; Oval Elements by Pat Bravo, Blue Lagoon, Chocolate Cherry; Nature Elements by Pat Bravo, Hot Pink, Ocean Breeze Wadding, 2ozLace, white, 25mm Thread: sewing, white; embroidery, burgundy Yarn, scraps

Dimensions List

Teacup: 8.5cm x 15cmCoffee cup: 14cm x 16cmSaucer: 18.5cm diameter

Sew a teacup

Download the templates, then trace them onto card. Cut six teacup pieces from a variety of printed fabrics, six from coordinating fabric for the lining, followed by another six from lightweight wadding.

Pin and stitch the six printed fabric pieces together with a 5mm seam allowance, then sew the wadding pieces together in the same way. Repeat the process with the lining fabric, but leave a 4cm gap in the centre of one seam for turning.

Place the wadding ‘cup’ over your fist, then slip the outer cup over this, right sides out, and add the lining cup over this, right sides in. Line up the top raw edges and side seams, then stitch around the top edge.

Turn out the outer and wadding cups through the opening in the lining. Slip stitch the gap and push the lining inside the cup, securing with a few small stitches.

Cut a 5cm wide strip of printed fabric measuring 24cm long. Fold it half lengthways, right sides together, and sew 5mm in from the edge to make a tube. Turn out and press.

Trim 10 to 12 lengths of double knitting yarn twice the length of the tube. Knot another piece of yarn at the centre of the hank, threading the ends through a darning needle. Fold the yarn in half at the knot and use the needle to pass the hank through the length of piping.

Fold in the raw ends of the tube, trimming the yarn if necessary, and stitch. Take a double thickness of thread and sew running stitch along the seam, gathering it up tight to allow the tube to curl into a spiral. Create a small one for the first part of the handle and secure with stitches.

Run looser running stitch along the next part of the seam to make a gently curving top, then secure. Begin again at the other end, sewing on the opposite side to the seam to allow the handle to curl in the other direction and create a scroll. Stitch the handle to the side of the teacup, passing the thread through all layers of the cup and spiral.

Stitch a saucer

Cut six saucer template pieces from different printed fabrics, then stitch together to form a complete circle and press.

Trim a 20cm diameter circle of wadding and backing fabric. Layer the three circles together: place your wadding first, then your patchwork circle right side up, followed by the backing fabric wrong side up.

Stitch around the circumference, leaving a 4cm gap. Turn out the saucer through this opening, so the wadding is sandwiched between the two cotton fabrics. Fold in the raw edges and slip stitch closed.

Cut a 9cm diameter circle of fabric, turn under, then tack 1cm around the circumference before pressing. Pin the circle to the top centre of t he saucer and sew running stitch around the edge with burgundy embroidery thread.