Fabric Christmas Crackers – Free sewing patterns


Satin ribbon and ricracWhite polymer clayRubber stampsLarge 2cm circle and flower cuttersAcrylic rolling pinSilver metal leafScalpelDouble-sided tapeCardboard tubesSet squareTurquoise polyesterCotton fabricEpoxy resin

1 Cut two 5cm and one 7cm pieces from a cardboard tube. These will form your crackers. Cut a 17cm x 26cm fabric rectangle and press in a 1cm seam. Add a strip of double-sided tape to the pieces of tube, covering the width of each.

2 Place the 7cm tube centrally on the end of the fabric; making sure that it sits flush to the material. Position the smaller cylinders either side allowing a 1cm gap between each one.

3 Fix two lengths of tape to the fabric, one in the middle and one at the seam. Carefully roll the material around the tubes, keeping the fabric taut. Fold the seam over neatly, then add a central panel of purple floral fabric to the cracker.

4 Roll a sheet of polymer clay 3mm thick. Lay over a sheet of silver leaf and gently press down with your finger. Push a rubber stamp firmly into the surface and trim out a disc. Make an assortment of medallions and bake them on a sheet of greaseproof paper following the manufacturer instructions. When cool, glue the trinkets to the crackers with epoxy resin to keep them firmly in place.