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Exercises and Workouts - Four Common Causes Of Knee Pain

Exercises and Workouts - Four Common Causes Of Knee Pain

Painful knees are by far one of the most aggravating conditions for anyone who is serious about their fitness pursuits. Even if you are just a weekend warrior, getting knocked down by knee pain is never a fun time. But yet, it happens time and time again.

By understanding the common causes of knee pain, you can put your best foot forward in avoiding these issues in the future. Let’s take a closer look…

1. Improper Foot Support. The first issue very likely to lead to knee pain for many is improper foot support. Now, this can come from…

  • the footwear not being suitable for the activity, or
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  • it can come from the mistake of not getting custom-made orthotics if you need them.

If you are someone who is suffering from knee pain and it has been chronic, and you know you have high arches, it might be time to get some extra support. Having supports custom-made is the best defense against knee pain for you.

2. Tight Muscles Up The Line. Another common cause of knee pain is very tight muscles up the line, meaning tight muscles in the thighs or hamstrings. When these muscles are tight, it is far more likely they will pull on the tendons and ligaments that attach in and around the knee joint. In turn, this causes pain that will not subside until those muscles are loosened up.

One reason why foam rolling is vital after each workout session is because foam rolling helps to keep those muscles looser, which in turn enables you to avoid pain.

3. Overuse Injuries. Overuse injuries are one of the most common injuries amongst active individuals and are a contributing cause of many knee injuries. Whether it is a case of too much too soon or you were not paying enough attention to getting the rest your body needed, overuse injuries will weaken tissues and eventually lead to poor knee health and discomfort.

The best thing to do here is rest – and plan your program better next time so you are getting the rest and recovery you need.

4. Improper Alignment. Finally, the last common cause of knee pain needing to be considered is improper alignment. Consider whether you may not be allowing your knee to track appropriately over your toes. If your toes are moving inward or outward of the knee joint, then this could create sheer force on your knee ligament and could lead to unwanted pain.

There you have four main reasons why your knees may be painful and what you can do to reverse the trouble. There is no question, knee pain is debilitating, but with the right approach, it is likely something you can get past.

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