Emma T-shirt Duo – Free sewing patterns



Jersey fabric, two or four-way stretch: dress, 2.2m (150cm); T-shirt, 1m (150cm)Matching ribbon or tapeHemming web



Cutting guide

Front T-shirt / dress: cut one on the foldBack T-shirt / dress: cut one on the foldSleeve: cut one pairNeck binding: cut a strip, 4.5cm x 56cm1.5cm seam allowance used throughout, except for the neck binding where 1cm is used.

Download the pattern from sewmag.co.uk, then print out and follow the cutting guide. Position a strip of ribbon or tape to the shoulder seams on the wrong side of the front top / dress piece. Stitch in place along the 1.5cm seam allowance; this will stop the shoulders from stretching. Position the front and back pieces together, right sides facing. Match, pin and stitch the shoulder seams together, then neaten the seam allowances.

Fold the neck strip in half, matching the two ends together. Pin and stitch together, then turn to the right side and fold the strip in half again, matching the raw edges together. The seam in the strip will become the centre back; you will need to mark the centrefront of the neck binding.

Mark the centre-back and front of the neckline on the top / dress. With the inside of the top facing you, tuck the folded strip into the neck, matching the centre fronts and backs together. Pin, making sure all the raw edges are level and stitch all the way around. The binding will need stretching slightly to fit the neck of the top. Overlock the binding to the neckline and press the overlocked edge inside the top, making the folded edge stand up into the neckline.

While the side seams of the top / dress are still open, secure the sleeves into the armholes: match the notches together and the notch in the head of the sleeve to the end of the shoulder seam. Sew together, stretching the head of the sleeve to accommodate the easing. Neaten the seam allowance together around the sleeve head with an overlocker.

Match together the underarm edges of the sleeve, and the back and front side seams, then stitch together in one continuous seam from the base of the sleeves to the base of the top / dress. Neaten the seam allowances.

Fold and press up a 2.5cm hem on the base of the sleeves. Fold the hem to the right side, so that 5mm of the raw edge of the hem is extended; this would be how you would fold a hem if you were to use a blind hemming foot. Using an overlocker, stitch all the way around, trimming the raw edge of the hem but just catching the fold in the hem. Finish the base of the T shirt in the same way.

The sleeve hems, and base of the top and dress, can be finished by neatening the edge of the hems, then folding and pressing up a 2.5cm hem. Secure the hems with hemming web, while using a twin needle to stitch the hems in place.