Embroidered Spanish Tapas Napkins – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, orange Thread, embroidery: brown; white; yellow; red; goldEmbroidery hoopFabric pen, disappearing Light box

Dimensions List


Embroider a napkin set

Measure orange fabric to the size you want your napkin, making sure to consider a 1cm seam allowance around all of the edges. Cut the fabric, pin the edges inwards to form a neat seam, then sew around the outside.

Download the templates. Place the napkin onto a light box, then trace and draw the Flamenco dancer onto part of the fabric; we chose a bottom corner so the whole design can be seen when it’s folded.

Take an embroidery hoop and place it over the section of fabric where the design is. Using the image as a guide, choose an embroidery thread colour and start to sew the design with two strands. Use chain stitch for the outlines and french knots for the detailing on the skirt.

Once the first design is complete, repeat the steps for a second napkin using the alternative motif. Press both napkins.