Embroidered Phone Case – Free sewing patterns



Kit containing a silicone case and patternsEmbroidery cottonsTapestry needle

Dimensions List


Embroider a case

Select a pattern you’d like to feature from the kit or from the templates or design your own by drawing your motif in colour on graph paper. Each square on the paper will equal a square on the design and avoid making your pattern too complex.

Take four strands of embroidery thread and split away two strands before threading onto a tapestry needle and matching up the ends. Doing it this way ratherthan threading all four strands will prevent there being too much pressure on the holes, as this can cause the silicone to split.

Begin embroidering the case as you would with canvas noting the colour changes and taking into consideration that a full square on these patterns equals a cross stitch, and a straight line equals backstitch.

As you work pay close attention to your tension to ensure it’s not too tight as this may cause it to distort. To finish, weave in the ends of your threads rather than knotting them as this can leave bumps in the case.