Embroidered mug hugs – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: plain cotton, ivory; print cotton (for backing); 25cm x 90cm of eachThermal curtain interfacingEmbroidery hoop, 20cm diameterEmbroidery thread, pale blue, tan, brown, one skein of eachBias binding: 12mm wide, sky, beige, mink, 2m of each

Dimensions List

Fits a standard coffee mug

Make an Embroidered Mug Cosy

Draw a rectangle measuring 23cm x 9cm onto a piece of cotton fabric; this will become the outline of the mug cosy. Transfer the download within this shape; for the ‘tea’ and ‘coffee’ designs,place it towards the right-hand side of the rectangle; for the ‘hot chocolate’, which is wider, place it more centrally.

Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop. Thread a crewel needle with three strands of embroidery thread and, beginning on any part of the design and following the chart, fill the lettering with small, neat running stitches, keeping inside the drawn lines.

Once the lettering is filled with running stitches, go over the lettering in satin stitch, taking each stitch just outside the outlines of the letters and covering all the running stitches.

When you have finished the embroidery, place a folded towel on an ironing board, put the work upside down on top and press carefully on the wrong side. Cut out the fabric rectangle then cut the same shape from printed cotton; this will become the back of the mug hug. Cut another from curtain interfacing.

Place the backing fabric wrong side up on the work surface, then layer the interfacing on top, then finally add the embroidered piece (with right sides facing up) on top, aligning the edges. Pin and tack through all layers. Stitch through all layers, close to the edges.

Add bias binding. Edge the two short edges of each mug cosy with bias binding, stitching it neatly into place to enclose the raw edges. Cut two 75cm lengths of binding and centre the embroidered cosy along it, aligning each length with one long edge of the cosy. Stitch into place, with the excess binding on each side forming ties.