Easy Swan Toy – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, printed fat quartersFibre filling Quilt waddingColoured felt Buttons

1 Download and print the templates. Fold the light fabric in half, right sides together, and trace the swan template onto one side. Sew along the drawn line, leaving a 6cm gap along the bottom edge. Trim away the excess fabric using pinking shears and clip the curves.

2 Turn the swan right sides out and stuff firmly with fibre filling, working it into the end of the beak and tail feathers. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and slip-stitch closed. Fold darker fabric in half, right sides together, and trace two wing patterns onto one side. Pin the folded fabric to the quilt wadding and sew around the drawn line, leaving a gap in the lower edge of each wing.

3 Cut away the excess fabric as before and turn out. Press and slip-stitch the folded edges of the gaps. Pin the wings to either side of the body and fix in place around the main curve with tiny oversew stitches, leaving the ‘feathered’ parts free.

4 Cut two beak shapes and two upper beak shapes from coloured felt. Pin to either side of the fabric beak, overlapping the darker section, then oversew in place. Stitch two small cream buttons to the highest point of the upper beak for the eyes.