Easy patchwork quilt – Free sewing patterns



Fabric:Darla 10” patchwork palettes, PP5108 and PP5407, one of eachTanya Whelan 5in Charm Pack (C5465), oneCotton, white, 70cmDelilah Paisley in blue (5403-7) (or another print of your choice for the border), 1.5mBacking fabric: 194cm x 216cmWadding: 194cm x 216cm

Dimensions List

Finished size 183 x 206cm

Cutting the fabrics

Choose six fabrics from the patchwork palette set and cut each square in half diagonally once. Re-size 32 squares to measure 24.2cm square (9.5” square) From the white fabric cut 36 x 12.7cm square (5” square) pieces. Border – from your border fabric cut two x 12.7cm x 161.3cm (5” x 63.5”) and two x 12.7cm x 184.2cm (5” x 72.5”) pieces. Binding – cut a strip from the border fabric; 6.4cm (2.5”) larger than the quilt to fit all around with a small overlap.

Stitching the pieces

To achieve a sharp professional finish to your work press each seam that you stitch, you will be using a 6mm (¼”) seam allowance throughout.

Arrange the half square triangles in pairs to your preference and stitch together to form six squares.

Arrange the small squares in fours with two white and two patterned pieces in each group placed diagonally opposite each other.

With right sides facing, stitch the small squares together to form eighteen large blocks made up of small squares.

Using the placement chart as a guide for positioning, lay out all the stitched blocks and large squares as shown.

With right sides facing, stitch the blocks and squares together working horizontally with seven blocks or squares in each row. There will be eight rows in total.

Place each row right sides facing in turn and stitch the rows together to form the quilt centre.

Stitch a small square to each end of the two shorter border strips, these will be the top and bottom border strips.

Add the border, stitching the side strips first and then the top and bottom strips.

Quilt your project

Layer the quilt top, wadding and backing together so that the right side of the quilt top and the backing fabric are outermost and pin together.

Quilt the project either by hand or machine, working your preferred motifs over the front of the quilt.

Finish with binding

Cut and join 6cm (2.5” ) strips to achieve the appropriate length around the edge of the quilt.

Press the seams open, then fold and iron the binding in half to make a long, double-thickness strip.

Starting at the bottom right-hand corner and with a 6mm (1/4”) seam, machine the raw edge to the quilt top. Fold the binding over and hand stitch in place on the back of the quilt.